Around the three drummers of Drumaturgia top-class international musicians have come together. They go together completely new way, without paying attention to a genre border. East meets West, classical music culture meets heartbeats. Japanese taiko, piano, percussion, loops, drums and bass.

Fusion Jazz fused with hip hop, breakbeat, Latin, Far Eastern sounds and polyrhythms. Japanese drumming combines with Mozart and Paganini to a modern musical fireworks.


Each concert the group is like a premiere, at the end of a unique music was created, which was invented spontaneously in interaction. Their high musical communication skills allows the artists to take the audience on a virtuoso and unknown journey through all facets of the music history.


This is world music in the best sense, without tonal embellishments, with the necessary sensitivity and respect for detail.


Far away from mainstream the musicians blur the limits of senses: visual and audible fascination blend seamlessly. Mixed with trance-like rhythms of Japanese drums – Drumaturgia & Friends go far completely untrodden musical paths.

Pursuing the path of his master EITETSU HAYASHI, the most famous Japanese solo drummer (a co-founder of the KODO and ONDEKOZA, who was the only one to hold a solo concert at the Carnegie Hall and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra), Takuya Taniguchi with his artistry builds a bridge between the Taiko traditions of the Japanese drums and that of the different cultures of the world. Since 2009 the exchange with musicians with different cultural backgrounds has increased with growing number of invitations from the West. He has been holding concerts and seminars in Europe to impart his knowledge and experience in his Taiko artistry.



He was born in Schongau, Germany, in 1982. At the age of 9 he discovered his passion for playing the drums. A few years later he went on to tour across Germany and Europe with several bands and orchestras. In 2009 Thomas gained a distinction in his university studies of classical drums at the Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg-Augsburg under the guidance of Stefan Blum, Jörg Hannabach, Thomas Höfs and Guido Rückel. For years he is tutored by international musicians, including the drummer of German pop act „Jan Delay“, Jost Nickel and the percussionist of „Die Fantastischen Vier / Till Brönner“, Roland Peil.





Born in Vienna on 28.04.1974. He has been playing the violin since the age of four, since the 10th drums. Inspired by his parents, he became enthusiastic early on classical music and the stage. Studied classical percussion at the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich and drumset at the Drummers Focus. Since 2009 he devotes himself to the Taiko and produces drumshows. Amadeus is the mastermind of Drumaturgia and "Einshoch6". As a Director of Photography, he also plays music films in the areas of pop, world music, jazz and classical music.















Victor Alcántara (*1975) is a German-Peruvian pianist, composer. He studied piano, jazz piano and filmscoring at the university of music in Munich and recieved a scholarship for music of the Richard Strauss Society. During his childhood he performed as alto in the Tölzerknabenchor (Grammy Award winning boys choir of the city of Tölz)  the vocal soloparts of  e.g. Macbeth, The Magic Flute, Johannes Passion under conductors  like Loorin Maazel, Riccardo Challiy and Herbert v. Karajan. His vocal background is the base of his creative output. He published several jazzrecordings as pianist and songwriter. In 2009 he was awarded 3rd price of the II. International Uuno Klami Competition for Composition in Finland 2009. Since 2001 he´s teaching at numerous German universities of music.



Was born on July 5, 1969 in Hausham. Inspired by his new music teacher, he began to play the drums late at the age of fifteen, later bass guitar. Today, he teaches both instruments at various music schools and, besides his band "Schizofrantik", is a bass player at "Einshoch6". Andi is powered by IBANEZ Instruments.