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Around the three drummers of Drumaturgia top-class international musicians have come together. They go together completely new way, without paying attention to a genre border. East meets West, classical music culture meets heartbeats. Japanese taiko, piano, percussion, loops, drums and bass.

Fusion Jazz fused with hip hop, breakbeat, Latin, Far Eastern sounds and polyrhythms. Japanese drumming combines with modern sounds to a modern musical fireworks.


Each concert the group is like a premiere, at the end of a unique music was created, which was invented spontaneously in interaction. Their high musical communication skills allows the artists to take the audience on a virtuoso and unknown journey through all facets of the music history.


This is world music in the best sense, without tonal embellishments, with the necessary sensitivity and respect for detail.


Far away from mainstream the musicians blur the limits of senses: visual and audible fascination blend seamlessly. Mixed with trance-like rhythms of Japanese drums – with "Grooves & Pianistic Soundscapes" Drumaturgia go far completely untrodden musical paths.

Victor 2.jpg

feat. Victor Alcántara


Victor Alcántara is a German-Peruvian pianist, composer and arranger. He studied piano, jazz piano and film music at the University of Music in Munich and received a scholarship for music from the Richard Strauss Society. He holds a doctorate in musicology (PhD) from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. In 2009 he won the 3rd prize of the II. Uuno Klami International Composition Competition in Finland 2009. He published several jazz recordings as a pianist and composer and worked for the entertainment and film business.


He is staff member at University of Music and Performing Arts Munich and the University of Protestant Church Music Bayreuth. As a scientist he gives lectures at international conferences to which he was invited, amongst others, to the Moscow Conservatory and the Georg-August-University Göttingen.


Besides Drumaturgia, his current collaboration includes concerts with the Monika Roscher Bigband, guitarist André Krengel and his brother, saxophonist Rafael Alcántara.

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