Drumaturgia & friends - this means enjoyment on a high level. Round about the drummers from Drumaturgia many top-class artists come together to enter unknown territories between Fusion Jazz, HipHop, Breakbeat, Latin, Asia Sounds, World Music and Polyrhythm. How sounds the "Magic Square" by Albrecht Dürer - performed by Asian and European drums? Drumaturgia & friends give the answer.


Drumaturgia & Friends - das bedeutet musikalisches Vergnügen auf höchstem Niveau. Rund um die Trommler von Drumaturgia haben sich hochkarätige internationale Musiker zusammengeschlossen, die gemeinsam völlig neue Wege beschreiten, fernab jeder Genregrenze. Ein klassischer Geiger, Klavier, Keyboards, japanische Taikos, Percussion, Loops, Drums und Bass.

Fusion Jazz verschmilzt mit Hiphop, Breakbeat, Latin, fernöstlichen Klängen und Polyrhythmik. Japanische Trommelkunst entzündet sich mit Mozart und Paganini zu einem modernen Feuerwerk. Jedes Konzert der Gruppe gleicht einer Uraufführung, an deren Ende eine einzigartige Musik entstanden ist, die im Zusammenspiel spontan erfunden wurde. Ihre hohe musikalische Kommunikationsfreude ermöglicht es den Künstlern, das Publikum jedes Mal erneut auf eine virtuose und unbekannte Reise durch alle Facetten der Musikgeschichte mitzunehmen: ohne Kitsch, ohne klanglichen Zierrat, mit dem nötigen Gefühl und Respekt für das Detail.

Weitab von Mainstream und Modeerscheinungen verwischen die Musiker die Grenzen der Sinne: optische und akustische Faszination gehen nahtlos ineinander über. Dazu mischt sich der tranceartige Rhythmus der japanischen Trommeln - Drumaturgia & Friends gehen noch bislang völlig unbetretene musikalische Wege.

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He was accepted into a scholarship programme for the musically highly gifted at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich, Germany. In 1997, he became a junior student in Professor Kurt Guntner’s class and went on to become a full-time student in Professor Ana Chumachenco’s class in 2003. After successfully completing his studies in 2009, he joined the Freiburg Philharmonic Orchestra in the position as First Concertmaster. Manuel Druminski frequently appears both as a soloist and together with various chamber music formations. Between 2007 and 2009, the Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio, Munich, Germany) recorded him performing a number of sonatas for violin and piano (Beethoven, Frank, Janáček, Bartók). He regularly makes guest appearances at prestigious music festivals such as the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival (SHMF), the Rheingau Musik Festival, the ZMF and the Lucerne Festival.



Karin Nakagawa is expressing the spirit and spreading the soul of Japan out to the world, manly through performing her Koto and through her very individual way of singing. Being raised in a family of musicians and being always well known for her versatility in improvisation, Karin collaborates with musicians from Eastern, Western and Folk traditions, as well as Jazz and Contemporary styles. Not being limited to specific genres or fields, she also collaborates with Storytellers, Actors, Dancers and Painters. Her roots lie in the ancient music of Japan- songs of the wind and the rain and songs of planting the rice. During her university education, Karin studied the traditional 13-strings Koto, Shamisen, Singing-"Jiuta-style" but now she has manly become one of the very few real experts of the 25-strings Koto. She was inspired and taught by Keiko Nosaka since the age of twelve. So far she has performed in over 20 countries around the world, as well as having lead and composed a big number of various performing acts, including tours sponsored by the Japan Foundation such as those in: Sweden 2000, Africa 2007 and in Southeast-Asia 2010 - where she was the musical leader. Today Karin travels and performs manly throughout Europe and Japan. 



Victor Alcántara (*1975) is a German-Peruvian pianist, composer.He studied piano, jazz piano and filmscoring at the university of music in Munich and recieved a scholarship for music of the Richard Strauss Society.During his childhood he performed as alto in the Tölzerknabenchor (Grammy Award winning boys choir of the city of Tölz)  the vocal soloparts of  e.g. Macbeth, The Magic Flute, Johannes Passion under conductors  like Loorin Maazel, Riccardo Challiy and Herbert v. Karajan.His vocal background is the base of his creative output. He published several jazzrecordings as pianist and songwriter.In 2009 he was awarded 3rd price of the II. International Uuno Klami Competition for Composition in Finland 2009. Since 2001 he´s teaching at numerous German universities of music.



studied Electric Bass at the Berklee Institue for Music in USA and classical percussion at the Richard Strauss Konservatorium Munich and jazz drums in Linz (Austria). As an extraordinary musician he played with ensembles around the world. With his excellent and creative bass playing he gives the basement to Drumaturgia & friends.



Shonosuke Okura is the eldest son of the late 15th generation head of the Okura School, Chojuro Okura. (The Okura family legacy has been passed down since the Muromachi Period, as one of the Noh musical families in the field of Otsuzumi and Kotsuzumi Japanese drums. ) At age 9, he appeared on his debut stage. Besides performing on the traditional Noh stages, he has established his position in the field as a solo Otsuzumi player and insists on playing with his hands, a task of extreme difficulty. Since then, with Otsuzumi, which is a Japanese traditional percussion instrument, he has collaborated with various artists in Japan and internationally traveling in all directions through wide genre of arts. He has been invited by the Pope to play in the Vatican Palace Concert Hall and has performed at various ceremonies and events around the world. He is a cultural producer who promotes the wonder of Japanese culture abroad. A recipient of Japan Cultural Design Award 2005. He released his CDs "WORLD BEAT" from America PIAZZA PLUS and "HITEN" from Universal Music and his autobiography "KODO - Beat" from Chichi Publication.



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